Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Khaw blames management for rail woes

Source: Khaw blames distracted management for rail issues

I've never been had a positive impression of SMRT management even since the major disruptions in 2011. That was went things really went downhill.

I still remembered their inability to handle the crowds. They didn't know what to do during the disruptions. It's not unexpected. They weren't prepared for this sort of situation. But that does not explain why they don't have the ability to handle the situation as it happened though.

Then there was the SMRT bus driver strike in 2012 when the management failed to contain unhappiness of their drivers even though the issue was already made know to them in advance. The management should have handled that better and not allow it to progress to a strike.

After that, we had more train disruptions. The one on 7 July 2015 disrupted the NSEW line. I read with disbelief when the news appeared on social media.

And remember how the two engineers died on the tracks at Tampines?

And recently there's this "Rise in major breakdowns but MRT gets more reliable: LTA" story. That's a headline led to many people scratching their head. I was like "what the hell are they trying to say?"

Now Khaw blames the management.

Not only that, Khaw wants to set goals to catch up with Hong Kong and Taipei's rail system. It's great to set goals. Any achievement made by our rail network is applauded. But before we compare to other countries, why not just compare our system today with the system we had years before? And only after we surpass ourselves should we look towards comparing with other countries.

I'm cynical about the whole situation though.

So what if they don't hit the target? It's not like anything bad will happen. Life still goes on. SMRT is still profitable. Salaries will still get paid at the end of the month.

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