Thursday, July 24, 2014

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Will LTA fines improve the train system?


Sometimes I can't understand fining as a form of punishment. If the trains are disrupted or late, then they should be punished by running more trains. As if the fine is going to hurt SMRT, or improve the train system.

SMRT C151A (501-502) Widescreen

Monday, July 14, 2014

Road bullies should be kept off roads

Reference: Road bully blocks SBS bus with his car

Road bullies should just get their driving license suspended for at least 5 years. If they don't deserve to be on the road, they should be kept off road for a better Singapore.

And stop fining people. As if people don't have money to pay fines. Money is replaceable, time is not.

Writers’ boycott of event a good example for students

Reference: Writers’ boycott of event a bad example for students

I actually think it's a good example for students that the writers boycott. It teaches students to stand up for what they believe in.

Here's an interesting paragraph from the story:

Are the writers simply disagreeing with the NLB’s disposal process for books taken out of circulation, or do they feel that unsupervised children should be exposed to controversial topics and left to develop their own conclusions on such matters?

If unsupervised children can turn anti-family or gay by just reading the withdrawn books, then those books should be banned, and not just in Singapore.

Anyway check out the many comments from smart people in the comments section of the article linked above.

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

SingTel's practice on keeping overpayment

SingTel F1 Race Queen

Reference: Telco holding on to $13k overpayment

In short, customer paid $13,873 instead of $138.73 via internet banking to SingTel. (Hey, the decimal points don't just get included by themselves.)

The customer was told that SingTel's practice is to keep the excess as credit to offset future payment.

Is it legal?

It is legal to accept money not intended for the payment of the service provided? Is this written in fine print of the contract that was signed?

And for something as simple as a refund, the customer waited for one month to no avail.

Someone should just go to their office, make a big fuss and film a viral video. Maybe that is how you can get the message through to them, through the public and then to them.

As for how much SingTel values customers and customer service, you can just make that judgement for yourself.