Tuesday, July 1, 2014

SingTel's practice on keeping overpayment

SingTel F1 Race Queen

Reference: Telco holding on to $13k overpayment

In short, customer paid $13,873 instead of $138.73 via internet banking to SingTel. (Hey, the decimal points don't just get included by themselves.)

The customer was told that SingTel's practice is to keep the excess as credit to offset future payment.

Is it legal?

It is legal to accept money not intended for the payment of the service provided? Is this written in fine print of the contract that was signed?

And for something as simple as a refund, the customer waited for one month to no avail.

Someone should just go to their office, make a big fuss and film a viral video. Maybe that is how you can get the message through to them, through the public and then to them.

As for how much SingTel values customers and customer service, you can just make that judgement for yourself.

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