Saturday, April 9, 2016

ST vs Lee Wei Ling (2016)

The current saga of Straits Times vs Lee Wei Ling is just stupid.

This is a perfect example of airing dirty laundry outside for all to see. This is when you could have washed the laundry properly first before airing it.

Lee Wei Ling said ST censored her article on Facebook.

There are some arguments and counter-arguments on Facebook.

Now, ST has replied with a respond to why the article wasn't published.

Let's see how stupid the situation has become.

If you as an editor had told the writer that there's plagiarism in the article, it would have been made clear that the article cannot be published. Also, the editor would have been able to educate the writer about the concept or plagiarism. The ST editor should have educated the writer in the first place. It's your job. It's plagiarism. You put your paper at risk by not telling the writer because if she continues to write, there's a chance in future you might not catch the mistake.

As for the writer, one that has written so many articles for ST, to not know what plagiarism is... That is just MIND BLOWING. When I read the words "intentionally plagiarized" in her facebook post, I was like "OMG, are you serious?"

Now both parties are made to look stupid and unprofessional.

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