Monday, July 6, 2015

Amos Yee given 4-week backdated jail term

Reference: Amos Yee given 4-week backdated jail term; blogger is 'remorseful', says lawyer

So Amos Yee has been released because of the 4-week backdated jail term he was given. Good for him. I felt that the length of the sentence is just right. I've a friend who felt that it should be 4 months. But a whole lot more thought that the government was too tough and should just "give chance" (that boat has sailed off long ago).

Anyway, I found it interesting that it is the lawyer who said that the blogger was remorseful. What's interesting is it is not Amos Yee who said that he's remorseful. He definitely looks shaken from all the photos plastered online. But is he remorseful? So far we have not heard a single apology from him. Personally, I hope he has learned a bit of humility and that thing called responsibility.

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