Saturday, June 7, 2014

Paying GST for overseas purchases when coming back to Singapore

Reference: Travellers returning to Singapore to pay GST for purchases

The sad state of situation nowadays is that even after paying GST, overseas purchases can still be cheaper, whether hand-carry or shipped back.

E-commerce is only going to grow. More people are going to buy their stuff from overseas.

Should you support local sellers? If you don't support them, they will be gone. But if you support them, you're either getting ripped off or not getting a good deal

And also expect SingPost to deliver your items less quickly than before. I wonder how SingPost is going to provide the manpower for the expected increase in number of deliveries to make. Where and what services are they going to increase prices for?

Remember to pay GST for overseas holiday shopping (

However, you may wish to know that all goods brought into Singapore – including new
items, souvenirs, gifts or food products – are subject to 7 per cent Goods and Services
Tax (GST).

I'm not sure if the above quote is actionable, or is it actually a statute of law. Keywords being "all goods brought into Singapore". All goods? Including the suitcase, iPad, chargers, underwear that I brought overseas and have to bring back?

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