Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Lives in USA are worth less than gun laws

So there's another shooting in USA, in an Orlando nightclub. People are angry, people are sad. However, Orlando is just one of the many shootings that day, it's just that more people died which is why it's on the news.

Whenever there's such shootings, you'll see forums and comments of people who support the right to own guns.

The thing is, people believe what they want to believe. Whatever anti-gun argument you use, I'm pretty sure they have a comeback, and it may be a reasonable comeback, one that's totally substantiated by facts, statistics.

Those people who are arguing for the right to own guns don't really care about other people who are getting shot. They may be sad about the Orlando shooting, but that's not going to change their behavior and attitude of owning guns themselves.

Let me put it this way: lives of people in USA are worth less than the gun laws. If lives are actually precious, they would have done something to stop innocent people from getting killed. And it's such a shame that no one in the government has the guts to do what's right. They just accept life as it is today. If people can own guns so easily, statistically, there are going to be shootings. It's just another shooting that won't change anything.

If the lives of those people are important, the US government would have done something by now. Columbine shooting was in 1999.

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