Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Court gives doctor gets 18 months DB for AWOL

Reference: When a Dream-Chasing Doctor is No Better than an Upskirt Pervert
Longer detention for doctor who went AWOL

This to me is a very sad story.

One month to completing NS, Wang Yinchu AWOLed in order to get into Cambridge to purse his medical education.

Mindef refused to approve his disruption. If you're so powerful, you should be confident enough to approve the disruption and force the guy to continue when he comes back to Singapore.

This article is not about what could have been.

I guess many people would read the story and get caught up by the details. A doctor's whose bright future is now ruined. There are also people who blamed the doctor for his stupidity, claiming that if he could AWOL, he could also walk out of his patients midway surgery (just like how you don't finish your food on the plate).

Some people are angry at the chief military prosecutor for imposing the 18 month detention.

The main point of the story is Mindef is never known to be flexible.

They are not flexible.

You can die and they will still not be flexible. But they will pay for your cost if they are found to be negligent.

I mean that's it.

Regardless of the story, you can always think forward into the future and know the answer. Mindef is inflexible. The details of the story are just distractions.

What I'm more interested now is what the doctor thinks.

Personally, I think we have lost a Singaporean here, in soul even if it's not in body. It may not be the desired outcome, but it's the unavoidable outcome because of Mindef's flexibility.

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