Thursday, January 22, 2015

Backwards-thinking Singtel wants to charge content providers again

Reference: Charge content providers, says Singtel CEO again

Singtel is one of the my most disliked company in Singapore.

I've nothing against them. I've not one of their customers and have not suffered any outages from their services. I, however, am interested in business related stories.

In the recent story by CNA, Singtel CEO Chua Sock Koong has once again said she wanted to charge content providers like WhatsApp, Facebook and YouTube. That idea really angers me.

That is just so backwards, but coming from a company like SingTel, it's not very surprising. Instead innovating and creating products to get more revenue, now they want to charge content providers who are providing value to their customers.

First of all, Singapore is a small market. Facebook, Whatsapp and Youtube can just block Singapore users from their website. They can easily do that and who's on the losing end? Singaporeans.

Second, most people use those websites. If Singtel is to successfully charge, then I dare say that Starhub and other ISPs will follow suit.

SingTel's business model is so outdated already. Now they want to create a new business model that benefits nobody except themselves. When you're in business, you should be providing value, a service or product, that someone is willing to pay for.

If SingTel cannot innovative, they should not pull the rest of Singapore down with them.

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