Thursday, December 25, 2014

GushCloud vs XiaXue

While I don't particularly like XiaXue's blog, I've to admit that she's a good blogger. I only just found out that she has 4 times more traffic than me (not this blog of course) at 40,000 pageviews monthly.

The hottest story online right now is The Big Gushcloud Exposé written by her declaring that GushCloud lied on several fronts.

GushCloud has since rebutted with their own account.

There are a few takeaway points for me.

1. If XiaXue's alleged pageviews of GushCloud's bloggers are correct, then it's quite shocking that so called influencers can be called influencers with that sort of readership. Yan Kay Kay's pageviews, and I'm quoting from GushCloud's rebuttal, is only 974 readers/day. I have around 4,500 readers/day and I consider myself just a writer.

2. Advertisers should demand a print screen of Google Analytics reports to verify the actual pageviews that GushCloud states their bloggers have. In fact GushCloud should make it mandatory for their bloggers to provide Google Analytics reports, or at least install some sort of counters on their blogs. You can be sued by clients for misrepresentation. Now that this news has been blown up, it can get messy if advertisers want to take legal action.

3. XiaXue has just posted an instagram update saying that GushCloud will not be suing her. Note that GushCloud said they want to sue her after XiaXue published her exposé.

Seriously, GushCloud? By not suing her, it just mean to the public that what XiaXue said had some element of truth. If I run my company and I have my numbers right, I would sue straightaway. Apparently after reading GushCloud's report, it seems that they do not have the exact numbers correct. Even the monthly revenue they gave The Straits Times was an honest mistake. Oh my goodness.

I don't take sides but GushCloud has some serious issues with accountability.

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