Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Breakfast Network closes

One of my favourite websites writing on Singapore news — they mainly write opinions — Breakfast Network has to close because they chose not to license under the Broadcasting (Class Licence) Notification as required by MDA.

The main site has posted the closing notice, but it seems the BN facebook page is still active.
Breakfast Network (BN) was run by Bertha Henson who used to work at The Straits Times. I didn't want to refer to her as an ex-journalist like some websites do because she's still a journalist, except not writing for print.

It's a sad day.

As Mr Brown says, "Gahmen licenses Breakfast Network website to death". That's as close to the truth as it can get.

Here, we have BN who is trying to do things the right way by registering themselves as a business entity. Then MDA asked them to register.

What's the big deal? They could just register but that would mean they have to go through the paperwork, and name every single person who writes under the name of BN, even volunteers. BN explained their rationale.

Meanwhile, websites of poorer quality, bad writing continues to live on, just because they did the right thing by not being legally recognised. It's sad because the public won't care whether they are legal entities. The public will just think those lousy websites are the real deal because there are so many readers. And they will continue to get more readers to the point that they will be a problem to the Government in the future.

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