Sunday, May 20, 2012

DPM Teo on Workers' Party Hougang by-election

Workers' Party Hougang by-election rally 

DPM Teo questions if Hougang voters being taken for granted 

Just some comments on the lines from DPM Teo
Mr Teo said the Workers' Party has now put up another candidate, and its secretary-general Low Thia Khiang is acting as if "nothing has happened" and is "pulling on the emotions" of voters.
 Shouldn't we just move on? Isn't that what we did when Mas Selamat escaped?
"If he was their best man, why didn't they choose him?" Mr Teo asked.
 Because he isn't the best man then. That's why he wasn't chosen.
"Is it possible that they are pulling on your emotions, and really taking you for granted?" Mr Teo questioned.
Singaporeans are being taken for granted. Just look at basic necessities like public transport. How does it feel to squeeze into a crowded train every morning? How does it feel to miss 2 to 3 trains every morning because you can't get onto it?
These include building more new flats to stabilise property prices and schemes such as the Workfare Income Supplement to raise the wages of low wage workers.
Talking about wages, I just read an article that infuriates me:
SMRT raises bus drivers’ basic salaries by 35%
I thought bus drivers were earning at least $2000. It was actually $1375 before other additions. This is just ridiculous. Like there aren't enough customers, I mean passengers, using the buses to pay for their wages. So where does the money go? More pay should be going to people who are actually doing the work rather than management. 

And the priority should not be on stabilizing property prices. It should be on lowering them.

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  1. That is the world class standard of our PAP leaders - taking a cheap shot at others without looking at themselves ? And he had the cheek to make fun of someone else who is not even holding any official position yet. Remember this is the same Minister who was caught sleeping during one of the parliamentary sittings.

    And was LHL the best PM that any Singaporean could have bargained for ? What about that incorrigible Mah who cunningly make Singaporeans pay a lifetime of housing debt for a public flat and insisting there is a subsidy when there is not ? Not forgetting of course that Minister who was as clueless as anyone on how Mas Selamat managed to escape from a high security prison ?

    No wonder PAP is now aka Petty Arrogant Party, among so many infamous names.