Wednesday, April 27, 2011

35 seconds too late for election

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To quote LKY:
It's a feeble effort to show that they wanted to contest. But everybody knows, you want to contest, you go before 12 o'clock!

Clearly, this incident has illustrated the fact that not everybody knows. Either that or some people are not too smart to know, don't have the common sense to know, or for whatever reason.

There's no difference between 1 second late, 35 seconds late or 1 day late. It's still late. In that 1 second, you could have missed your flight, failed your IPPT, lost the 100-metre dash to your opponent, etc. This is the elections we're talking about, not about waiting for your friend for dinner.

I cannot understand why the opposition would want to put themselves in a position to submit the papers late.

There's absolutely no excuse at all for submitting the papers late, short of an act of god - such as a freaking tsunami were to hit Singapore - or even if there is an act of god.

There are rules and regulation. Know them and use them to your advantage.

In this case, nothing is as important as meeting the deadline.

I want to sympathize with the opposition but I can't.

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